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1.Rugby Club Slovan Bratislava > 69 Marianske Hory - Slovan 0

69 Marianske Hory - Slovan 0


69 Marianske Hory - Slovan 0


For the last game of the season in czech league, we went again with few players, a bit exhausted, mentaly and physicaly.

But obviously, all had a good fighting spirit. So we were starting under a heavy sun, making us more effort to recover than normally.

From the first minutes, the opponents scored twice, the consequences of a weak defense from the backline.

Then, we were only 17 players, Denis break his left shoulder. It was a big loss for slovan, because we had to move Toco from the scrum to the center.
Indeed, our organization was worse after this injury, Marianske Hory took advantage of this situation, for scoring few tries after that.

Slovan men were with women after match, for a nice celebration inside the club house. Coming back late to Bratislava, dancing all trip long into the bus to release the pression from the season.



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